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BBHC Foot-followers and Supporters Club.


The Supporters and Foot-followers club is essentially run so that anyone who would like to follow the BBHC either in a car or on foot can do so with ease.

By joining this club you will gain access to a map with all the best watching points, where you'll be able to watch the thrills and spills.

This gives the riders family and friends a chance to enjoy their day.

The support group will also gain access to all social media updates and invites to BBHC events.

BBH Chirk-5066.JPG


If you want to be apart of the supporters and foot-followers club you can do this by paying a £15 Membership package that will give you ALL current information.
You can find this membership package on our membership icon at the top of the page.


If you have any questions before you purchase this membership package then please give the BBHC an email using the link below.

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