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Our Beagles

Why Beagles? We wanted a hound that
was cheap to keep with a good voice,
didn't get through the country to fast and was popular with the public.
We went to Germany to see how the Germans do it as they have several mounted beagle Draghunting packs and have Draghunted since the second world war. This is where our idea was born.
We are currently the only Mounted Beagle pack in the UK. Puppies where drafted in from various packs and trained from ten weeks old to hunt an artificial scent. We cant say hasnt been a challenge but on a whole its been a pleasure.
Our pack consists of 10 and a half couple. Which we believe is a good size pack to stay affordable and manageable.


Fence Building

While there are many other aspects of a day being able to go a head, one of them is making sure that all riding capabilities are being catered for. This means that everyone who is either jumping or not jumping can enjoy themselves. There is always a way round or a nice inviting hedge to kick on over!

On a day we aim to do 3 lines with 10 + fences per line. 

The Landowners

Without the ongoing support of farmers that kindly let the Border Beagles cross there land, we would not be able to carryout these wonderful days that our supporters and members enjoy so much.

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