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Our team was formed together to ensure that everyone who joins the Border Beagles has a great day.

Below are just a few individuals that on the day you would need to recognize and understand their roles. 

Please take a quick note of names and please introduce yourself at the meet. 


Graham Burnip


Grahams hunting journey started when he moved to Wrexham a stones throw away from the Wynnstay hunt kennels. Every morning Graham would watch the hounds pass on early morning exercise. He used to go over to the hunt stables and help the grooms with exercise and when the opportunity came to do the second horses for the hunt, he jumped at the opportunity and his love for hunting was born.
Graham has hunted with the Wynstay Hunt, The North Shropshire and the Tanantside where he was a Master. When Emily came along they hunted together and where rarely seen out on the hunting field without each other.
When the advertisement for the Cheshire Bloodhounds came about which was a new clean boot pack.We decided to give it ago and were bitten by the bug and when they disbanded and the idea for the BBHC came about.


Emily Burnip

Field Master

Emily has ridden since she was two years old and had her first pony squirt for her fifth birthday.

She grew up hunting and was an active member of both the Wynnstay and North Shropshire pony clubs in the Games and Show Jumping teams.

However her first love was hunting and she was a regular face at both the Wynnstay and North Shropshire hunt with her father Graham.

When she was fourteen she discovered cleanboot hunting with the Cheshire Bloodhounds where she never missed a weekend. 

When they disbanded we where at a loss for somewhere to go, with no drag or cleanboots near by she couldnt wait to be involved with the new idea of the BBHC. 

BBHC Funride-8453.JPG

Michelle Burnip


Michelle has ridden since she was 12 years old, where everyday she would go to the riding school not far from her childhood home. This is where her passion for riding began and when Emily came along we couldn't wait to get her first pony. Michelle and Emily would do endless activities enjoying every minute of there horsey time together including many fun rides and show jumping.

When Emily's passion for hunting began it was early 4am starts with Jam sandwiches for breakfast. 

"One of my highlights of Hunting was puppy walking. In the past I have walked 4 couple of English and Welsh Hounds. I also visited local landowners to open country up for local Hunts in our area for a hunting day.''

Michelle's love of Beagles started when her and Graham were invited to the German Hound show.

''It has been a privilege to help Graham and Emily with the beagles and has been a joy to watch them grow into mature hounds that they are to date.''


Rachael Mckenzie

Master /Non-Jumping Field master

Rachael has always had a passion for horses but it wasn't until she met Mac that she got her very own and over the years has done many fun rides as has never been competitive.
Whilst living in Northamptonshire hunting with both Warwickshire and Pytchley packs was her introduction to riding with hounds.
After moving to Shropshire in 2015 Rachael was keen to find a new pack and after discovering the Border Beagle hound club, hasn't looked back. 
On being offered a mastership she now thoroughly enjoys looking after the non-jumping field.


Paul Mckenzie

First Whip

Mac has had horses for many years and through them
met his wife Rachael. He hunted with the Pytchley and Warwickshire whilst living in Northamptonshire.
In his spare time he would regularly go and exercise point to pointers and went on to discover the excitement of team chasing. 
Mac has relished taking on the role of the whip and is proof your never too old to learn new skills.